How the Pirates Got Their Start

As the Corona virus began to upend daily life, many of the changes took a toll on children’s mental health. Around the start of lockdown in the United States, a tweet went viral. In it, a child asked if she was stuck inside again because of the “Corona Pirates.” This tweet sparked an idea to help children come to terms with the
challenges of “Corona normal”.

The Journal

The Guided Journal is designed so that children can work through their feelings about COVID-19.

The Coloring Book

Having a separate coloring book allows kids who might process things differently to connect with the Corona Pirates, without having to write out their thoughts.

About the Author: Alexandra McDougall

Alex graduated from Salem State University with degrees in Theater & History.
Naturally curious, and enthusiastic, Alex has tried, failed, learned a lot from, and sometimes even succeeded at a lot of different things, including voice over, writing, and even designing products for the U.S. Military. (She is waiting for her first patent to be granted.)
She lives in Massachusetts with her husband Luke. They hope to buy a house soon, so they can finally adopt a bunch of dogs.

About the Illustrator: Robert Demetrio

Robert is an artist and illustrator, who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art. His mediums include watercolor and acrylics, as well as woodworking. He lives in Stoneham, Massachusetts with his wife and three dogs.
You can view his work at